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Meet the Monkeys

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Join Us for Some Lighthearted Fun: The Podcast Where Being an Adult is Optional

At MSMD!, we've been trying to be "real" adults for a while now, but it's just not our thing. We much prefer cracking open a tinnie and letting loose with stories, movies quotes and nonsense. Our podcast is all about having fun and not taking life too seriously.

We don't claim to be experts or have all the answers, but we do promise to bring a lighthearted and humorous perspective to any topic we tackle. If you're looking for a break from the stresses of adulting, then join us for a drink and a laugh.

So go ahead, give us a follow and send us your questions or topics to discuss on the show. We'd love to connect with other non-adults who just want to have some fun and forget about growing up, even if it's just for a little while.

Life's a beach, and we're just two idiots playing in the sand. Join us for some mildly entertaining and mostly ridiculous conversations about anything and everything.