MSMD! is looking for guests

4/18/20231 min read

Hey you... Yeah, you!

Have you got a killer campfire story?

Do you have a story that's just dying to be told? Whether you've climbed the highest mountain or started a business with nothing but a toothcomb and a pair of fresh pants (yes, we're serious!), we want to hear YOUR story.

Have you overcome adversity, created something truly unique, or embarked on a passion project that sets your soul on fire? Or maybe you're just a natural-born storyteller who loves to spin a good yarn. Whatever your story, we want YOU to come join us on the MSMD podcast!

If you're in the Mandurah area, we'd love to extend a personal invitation to you. Come grab a coffee (or beer, we won't judge!) with us and settle in for a fun and engaging 30-minute episode!

Contact us through the form below and we will be in touch!

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